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CybsterSpace #50 (2007-08-09)

Hello everybody, are you ready? This is going to be nifty. I hope you enjoy CybsterSpace session number fifty.Welcome to the show. I’m Cybena, Cybster’s friendly robotic side kick.

He was hoping to make this show really special being the fiftieth and all, but his warm cool tones have been replaced with what sounds like a Bullfrog on drugs due to recent illness.

So it gives me an excellent opportunity to showcase my talents. Maybe I’ll get a regular part on the show. I certainly hope so.

Anyway, I have been watching him mix on previous shows and it doesn’t look that hard. While he’s not looking I’ll fire up the decks and give it a go, this will probably be the best ever show. Wish me luck…. let’s spin!

01 Adama – Rain
02 Jessica Mellott – Bewitched Club Remix
03 Young Punx – You’ve Got to (Fembot Funk Remix)
04 Electromatic Impulses – Tear It Up (Deltawave remix)
05 Trash Fashion – It’s a Rave Dave
06 Pulse – Reality
07 IntelecT – Sufani
08 Jeso – Sheeps Rage
09 Metaverse – Whirl Control
10 Sonic Radiation – Ionized
11 Technetium – Artificial Intelligence
12 Tomo – Microdive Procedure #1
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